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Antony, France
Chiron on OFTC, Chir0n on Freenode
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VIA Centrale Réseaux GNU/Linux systems manager, security admin
CACert believer assurer since 2011
Debian disciple, lover
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ecp - Google Summer of Code 2013 in Debian

Working with the static analysis tool "scan-build" from the LLVM suite. More information on the project on Debian website

ecp - Châtenay Malabry - September/November 2012

Teaching assistant for the first year IT course Exercises and work around Guillaume Mainbourg course, 25 to 30 students

amadeus - Sydney, Australia - March/August 2012

Software developer intern Altea Departure Control System development team
  • Parsing, "functional" analysis of error reports
  • Refetching/guessing a complex transactional message flow based on log retrieval on different systems/servers
  • Global analysis to verify flows and identify issues/bugs
  • Coding multiple interfaces with existing systems
  • Helped to modify existing server code (C++) to make this sort of tool easier to develop + bug fixing
Skills used : PHP, HTML/CSS, SOAP, Perl (OO/ new modules), Javascript, SQL (Oracle, MySQL)
Current version is faster than Perl or grep for searches with a big amount of data (based on file buffering and matching algorithm in RAM)
C++ code with Boost library and the innovative high-level socket library ZeroMQ.
  • highly errors/exceptions safe : connections lost/inefficient searches
  • very large scale (system can handle and queue a large number of requests)
  • multithread and multiprocess program
  • Python utilitaries
Other tools used : Mercurial versioning, advanced designs in C++, Linux


ecp Ecole Centrale Paris

Currently student in 2nd year Math, computer sciences, applied physics, business sciences, project management

bj Lycée Sainte Geneviève

"Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles" Math and physics specialized in computer sciences. Preparation for the highly competitive exams to the entrance of French "grandes écoles" (such as ECP)

Technical stuff


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C++ reference translation

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About this server

This server is hosted by OVH and I use the registrar Gandi for my DNS cavaille.net.

My emails are entirely managed on my own on this server. What does this mean ? It means that nobody but me can see my emails, there are safely stored and backuped on servers that I own. I use Postfix as my MTA and dovecot for local delivery, for better scalability I use MySQL to manage all my emails. If you are interested by installing such a system if I have some time I will publish some hints soon (someday).

I use CACert for all certificates that I use in SSL connections : HTTPS (see this in SSL), IMAPS, SMTPS, IRC over SSL, etc. …

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